Molly Bennett started her Irish dance and music career at the age of 30 in San Antonio, Texas. The music was actually the number one – it was through her band at St James’s Gate that she was introduced to San Antonio Irish dancers.

Molly visited St. James Gate, who traveled to Ireland in 1986 to win the Irish group stage. This is Molly’s final performance with the band because the family has moved to Denver. Bennett women attended Clover Irish dance school, eventually luring her husband Bill to join them. When Clover was out of town, adult students had no home, so Molly ran the Denver Club for informal Irish group dance and was a founding member of the Irish Dancing Band’s dance team.

When her daughters advanced the competitive ladder in Irish dance competitions, they reached the point where girls and women wore uniforms that were beautifully embroidered. With “I can do it!” The spirit she had always had, Molly made her own clothes and turned it into a business. Her company, It’s Knotwork to Me, Inc., offers school and couture clothing to clients across the country.
In 1996, Molly was certified as an Irish dance instructor, a “TCRG” in industry jargon that allowed her to enter the sanctions competition. That fall, her 8-man team won first place at Adult Mixed Ceili in Oireachtas, a regional competition.

In 1998, Molly and her family founded the Irish Dance School – “Traditional Irish Successor.” In the summer of 2000, they built their own studio complex, the Irish Friendship Dance Center, in eastern Denver. Bennett School was established in January 2002 following the spin-off of the estate.

Molly has been active in Irish music and taught classes and workshops at the Swallows Mountain Music Association, the California Heritage Music Association and other groups. She and her two friends made a traditional obscene (but good) song “The Bawdy Beautiful.” She also teaches Irish dance introductory courses several times a year at the Free University of Colorado.