Great Money Makers – Small Roller Coasters

Are you considering going on a family vacation to an amusement park? If you have young children, you may share the same concern that many parents have. How can you ensure that everyone in the family has fun when your little ones can’t ride everything? This article outlines all the ways that small roaster coasters can be fun for children and for adults. Read on to lay your fears to rest and start planning a vacation that will be a memorable event for everyone involved. Check out more details here:

Smaller Roller Coasters are Exciting

Granted, you won’t be doing loops on kiddie roller coasters, but these attractions can and do go pretty fast. They track also leans from side to side, depending on the height restriction for the roller coaster. For example, many two and three years old are at least 36 inches tall. Roller coasters that require you to be at least three feet tall are fun, move quickly and may even have several large hills on the track. You may find yourself screaming right along with your kids!
kiddie roller coaster

Smaller Roller Coasters Have More to Look at

Larger roller coasters move so fast that there isn’t time to look around at what is going on beside you. Smaller attractions move slower, which usually means there is more to look at. Some have animations along the track, which is fun to point out and look at with your children. Just because a ride is slower doesn’t mean it is less fun; you simply have to view the attraction in a different way and find things that appeal to you and your children.

Smaller Roller Coasters Have Shorter Lines

No one wants to go to an amusement park and spend all day waiting in lines, only to go on a couple of rides. Thrill coasters tend to have very long waits. If you are visiting with your family, you likely don’t want to invest an hour or two in one ride. Smaller roller coasters don’t get as much attention, which means that the waits are often substantially shorter. You may be able to ride two or three kiddie rides in the time it would take you to ride one adult ride! Less waiting means happier kids, and happier kids often mean happier parents as well.
small roller coasterA small roller coaster is fun for children, and even though it is considered a “kiddie ride,” it can still be fun for the entire family as well. Before you plan any vacation, research your destination to see what options they have available. Plan out your day to ensure that there is enough for everyone to do. Remember, your kids will grow up soon enough. Enjoy the smaller rides for now, and while you are at the amusement park, check out those bigger coasters that you’ll be able to enjoy one day! You can always plan a return trip at some point in the future, when your kids are tall enough to go on a different set of rides. For other theme park rides, please click here for more.